Thoughts Going into Thanksgiving

By: Coard Benson

November 28, 2020

On Friday, I have to share that I experienced a momentary loss in time. Having spent the first few hours of daylight with my sons in the field, I dashed to my office to reply to some messages and grab a file for an appointment. The corner of Washington and Federal Street was alive with patrons enjoying the Epicurean Delights from Bluepoint Hospitality. Walking out the office door, I was reminded of Black Friday, and briefly recall someone mentioning Small Business Saturday. That's what it looked like here in small town Easton, MD. While driving through St. Michaels, MD, to witness an environmental inspection take place – fingers crossed the old tank had been removed properly – I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of commerce through downtown. The streets were full, the restaurants complying with COVID-19 safe distancing recommendations, and there was an ornamental array of masks that hailed from parts unknown. I even had the gratuitous nod and wave by an equally perplexed motorist as we both sat still while j-walkers enjoyed the sights. The order of the day is gratitude. I am grateful for the gift of living in this marvelous place called the Eastern Shore.

Thinking ahead for the new year, considering what my real estate business will look like and how I should budget for marketing and promotions, it occurs to me that among our industry we see little promotion for our region – the marvelous Eastern Shore. Although we spend more than necessary to safely position our favorite listings at the top of the heap, when it comes to getting a perfectly qualified buyer with a keen appreciation for the outdoors, the splendor of the Chesapeake, and the Arts and History of the region to come for a visit and hopefully remember my name and number when we part company. . .I think we have some work to do.

Like the old adage says, “you've gotta see it to believe it.” Well, around here the saying should be, “you've gotta see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, to appreciate it.” This place we call home is one spectacular retreat that is quickly becoming home for many who are fortunate to work remotely. Add a decent internet connection and you've got yourself a slice of paradise. Or if you prefer, give us a chance and we'll find you a place that provides a perpetual black hole in cell service and no foreseeable future for cable access! Depending on your preference, we can find you your next home on the magnificent Eastern Shore.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Weekend!

Coard A. Benson

The Benson Dulin Group of Benson & Mangold Real Estate

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