"The Benson Dulin Difference"

A fresh methodology to buying and selling real estate.

Have you ever worked with a real estate agent? They wear a lot of hats. Their job as a real estate agent is to help clients purchase, rent or sell properties. They do this by, providing guidance and assistance through the process of buying, selling, or leasing properties; advising clients about market conditions, prices and mortgages ; developing competitive market price by comparing properties; Creating lists for real estate sale properties with information location, features, square footage, etc.; handling all documentation including agreements, deeds and contracts; managing marketing for all listings; showing properties; pairing home buyers with the right lender; keeping in touch with lenders to make sure we stay on time frames and hit deadlines; facilitating negotiations; presenting offers; processing settlement; getting contractors in to remedy deficiencies prior to settlement; making sure the house is clean and keys are ready to transfer at settlement; and the list goes on. Agents should be communicative, organized, good at problem solving, good at multi-tasking, honest and tactful.

You can see the to-do list of a real estate agent is quite extensive and their duties seem never ending. To top it all off, they don’t just perform these tasks for you, they do it for each client they have. You can image their job can get quite difficult. The ability to juggle all of these tasks become much to cumbersome for one agent to handle.

In the haste to perform all of these duties, agents and their clients sometimes experience missed leads, decline in marketing efforts, houses on the market for too long, lack of communication and follow through, late paperwork and documentation, and missed deadlines.

As solo agents once before, Coard Benson and Alicia Dulin of Benson and Mangold Real Estate, both noticed these things happening to themselves. They were not only becoming disappointed with their work, but felt that they were not providing their clients what they deserved. After all, their main goal was to give each client the best experience possible. Whether the client was looking for their dream property, was a first-time seller who is having trouble parting with their family home or a renter looking to get the perfect tenant at top-dollar – whatever their clients needed, they dreamed to do that for them.

So Coard and Alicia teamed up and formed The Benson Dulin Group. The Benson Dulin Group was the answer to the question of ,“how do we provide our clients the best possible real estate experience? The premise of the group was NOT to work as two separate agents, but for the two of them to work as ONE agent. They'd work on every property together. Each client would be able to work with the both of them. Each home, would benefit from the attention of each agent. Upon adopting the teamwork mentality and persona they were able to offer a package deal to their clients including superb attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the local real estate market and geographical area, a long and successful track record of buying and selling homes, along with superb client-agent communication; an all-inclusive real estate experience. Through this transformation, a new model of real estate was born – The Group Model. On top of offering a “two-for-one” service, both Alicia and Coard bring their own unique strengths to the table.

Easton, MD native, Coard Benson is an established authority of Eastern Shore real estate. You could say it is in his blood. Coard grew up in the Benson - of Benson and Mangold - real estate family. Having been exposed to real estate from an early age, with his father as broker since 1962, he has developed a reverence for those endearing traits of real property. He became a licensed realtor in 1998 and offers a wise, experienced and insightful view to buying and selling on the shore. He is a distinguished and celebrated member of the real estate community having sold 300+ homes from first time home buyers to generational waterfront estates. Coard is an outgoing and sociable agent. When you meet him, it will feel like you’ve known him for years. His propensity for making one feel welcome and comfortable in any environment makes communicating your real estate needs a breeze. Coard exemplifies the meaning of superb client relations.

Alicia is a charismatic millennial whose family has deep roots in the Eastern Shore community. Growing up on her family’s farm, Alicia developed a strong work-ethic and a well-rounded outlook on life. Since earning her realtor's license in 2013, Alicia has worked hard for her clients and climbed the ladder of success having sold an astounding 125 plus homes.

She is current, relevant and understands the ever-changing landscape of real estate due to the constant budding of technologies. She is a focused, passionate, go-getter who is detail and task-oriented, and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. You won’t meet a more confident, knowledgeable, and diligent mid-20’s real estate agent.

Together, Coard and Alicia bring three generations of knowledge about the area to every client and transaction, and have sold over 425 home in Maryland.

If you or someone you know is in need of a real estate group that offers an outstanding, all-inclusive real estate experience, The Benson Dulin Group is the right choice.

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