Finding Homes for the Middle Income Home Buyer.

By: The Benson Dulin Group

In today’s world consumers are increasingly relying on the internet to help them find and purchase all kinds of products. In fact, some home buyers turn towards sites like Zillow and Redfin to assist them in the search for a new home. What these buyers don’t realize is how this is limiting their home choices and perhaps costing them more out-of-pocket expenses.

Potential middle income home buyers do not realize that most houses in their price range are the hardest to find. These houses enter the market less frequently and, when appropriately priced, rarely find their way to the online listing sites. And that’s why trying to find them on your own is so difficult.

But clients who work with experienced realtors like the team at The Benson Dulin Group have an advantage over the "do it yourself" online shoppers. The Benson Dulin Group uses a team approach to working with their clients. They begin the process of assisting potential buyers by fully understanding your needs and wants for your new home, and matching those desires with the budget you wish to set for your new purchase. They understand that this purchase is often the largest investment you will make in your life. Whether you are looking for your first home as a single buyer or a home for your growing family, the Benson Dulin Group will be able to identify all homes in your price range that will more than meet your needs.

The Benson Dulin Group will harness their years of experience as real estate agents in a successful, well-known brokerage, to reach into the the market to find homes that in many cases have not even hit the online listing sites yet. They can help you identify the homes and areas in the communities that best fit your present and future needs. They will assist you in formulating the best offer for your chosen home that will respect your budget, and give you a better chance that your offer is seen before any competitors.

The Benson Dulin Group is experienced and knowledgeable in the region’s real estate market, familiar with all home inspectors, title agents, lenders, and more; allowing them to ensure you are getting the best deal possible on your new home and your life’s most important investment.

The Benson Dulin Group's team approach provides a fresh methodology to buying and selling real estate. Coard and Alicia have abandoned the standard “one agent” real estate model, and migrated to a team-based approach to buying and selling. With today’s average agent being stretched too thin, unable to return your call or having a listing slip through the cracks – Alicia and Coard break through those impairments and provide their clients absolute attention, communication, and concentration. Each offer unique strengths and abilities of their our own, allowing them to accommodate all types of real property buyers and sellers.

The Benson Dulin Group provides superb attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the local real estate market and geographical area, a long and successful track record of buying and selling property, along with excellent client-agent communication. They promise an outstanding, all-inclusive real estate experience.

Feel free to contact the Benson Dulin Group today to discuss what we can do to help you find the perfect home in your price range.

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