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"The premise of our group is to work together to form one outstanding real estate agent; enabling us to provide exceptional real estate service."

The Benson Dulin Group



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The Benson Dulin Group was created in 2019 by Benson and Mangold Real Estate Agents, Coard Benson and Alicia Gannon Dulin. Their team provides a fresh methodology to buying and selling real estate. Coard and Alicia have abandoned the standard “one agent” real estate model, and migrated to a team-based approach to buying and selling. With today’s average agent being stretched too thin, unable to return your call or having a listing slip through the cracks – Alicia and Coard break through those impairments and provide their clients absolute attention, communication, and concentration. Each offer unique strengths and abilities of their our own, allowing them to accommodate all types of real property buyers and sellers. The Benson Dulin Group provides superb attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the local real estate market and geographical area, a long and successful track record of buying and selling property, along with excellent client-agent communication. They promise an outstanding, all-inclusive real estate experience.



Easton, MD native, Coard Benson is an established authority of Eastern Shore real estate. You could say it's in his blood. Coard grew up in the Benson - of Benson and Mangold - real estate family. Having been exposed to real estate from an early age, with his father as broker since 1962, he has developed a reverence for those endearing traits of real property. He became a licensed Realtor in 1998 and offers a wise, experienced and insightful view to buying and selling on the shore. He is a distinguished and celebrated member of the real estate community having sold 300+ homes from first time home buyers to generational waterfront estates.

Coard is an outgoing and sociable agent. When you meet him, it will feel like you’ve known each other for years. His propensity for making one feel welcome and comfortable in any environment, makes communicating your real estate needs a breeze. Coard exemplifies the meaning of superb client relations.

Personally, Coard enjoys spending time with his two sons Coardy and Sam, and wife Sunny who is a nurse at the University of Maryland Shore Regional Medical Center. He is active with local charities and his industry association. He has been a committee member for the Talbot County chapter of Ducks Unlimited, a member of Easton’s Rotary Club and a board member of Pickering Creek Audubon Center. Coard has held a board position with the Maryland Association of Realtors and recently held the position of President for the Mid-Shore Board of Realtors. His favorite thing about being a realtor is the ability to affect change in people’s lives.


Alicia is a charismatic individual whose family has deep roots in the Eastern Shore community. Growing up on her family’s farm, Alicia developed a strong work-ethic and a well-rounded outlook on life. Since earning her realtor's license in 2013, Alicia has worked hard for her clients and climbed the ladder of success having sold an astounding 125 plus homes. She is current, relevant and understands the ever-changing landscape of real estate due to the constant budding of technologies. She is a focused, passionate, go-getter who is detail and task-oriented, and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. You won’t meet a more confident, knowledgeable, and diligent mid-20’s real estate agent.

Personally, Alicia was born and raised in Gannon farming family in Easton, MD. She, her husband Webb, and daughter Ellie live on a farm in Cordova, MD, where they run a Hereford cattle operation. Adding to their 19 head of cattle, Alicia rounds out her love of animals with a horse, four goats and two Labrador Retrievers - Margaux and Roux. Alicia enjoys spending time outside on her farm, hunting, walking in the woods with her daughter and pups and generally being together with her family.

Her favorite thing about being a realtor is the close bond and sincere connections she forms with her clients, that ultimately end up in friendship.

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The Creation of The Benson Dulin Group

With ever changing technology and industry practices, Coard and Alicia noticed there was an unmet need for their clients and the real estate industry alike.  A need for better communication, follow through and attention to detail. As a real estate agent, you must wear many hats. Not only do they help buy and sell property, but they function in the role of a networker, marketer, researcher, negotiator, therapist,  secretary, a client relations specialist, philanthropist, liaison, a community leader, and a psychic. After some time, it becomes impossible to manage all of those roles, resulting in clients who are unfulfilled and dissatisfied, and agents who fall short of their potential. Missed leads, unanswered phone calls or emails, details overlooked, late paperwork, and the list goes on. They knew there had to be a way to make it easier – a way to take some of the load off so they could get back to doing what they love; Real Estate. So, Coard and Alicia teamed up and formed The Benson Dulin Group. The premise of the group was not to work as two separate agents, but for the two of them to work together as one agent. Each property, each client, and each project would have the attention of both agents. Upon adopting the teamwork mentality, they were able to begin offering their clients a package deal including superb attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the local real estate market and geographical area, a long and successful track record of buying and selling homes, and excellent client-agent communication; an all-inclusive real estate experience.



24 N. Washington Street, Easton, Maryland 21601
Easton Office: (410) 770-9255

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